Many women go to the hairdressers/beauty parlor on a regular basis and while these experiences can make you look & feel fabulous in an instant, neither of them can make you look great EVERY DAY if your clothes aren’t the right fit or color for your shape and features. If you are over 30 and want to look younger, slimmer &/or naturally beautiful, if you’re look is tired and drab and would rather feel FAB, a visit to LoveIt’s Fitting Room can change your life in an instant. We are experts at making you look great, no matter what your size or age.

The FITTING ROOM by LoveIt is a safe haven for women over 30 who want to look fabulous every day without spending 5 hours in front of the mirror. Place yourself in the expert care of stylists who understand all the changes that women’s bodies go through post 30 & discover how easy is it to look in the mirror and LOVE what you see. And just in case you’re feeling body conscious, you can relax. The FITTING ROOM is a place for REAL WOMEN with REAL BODIES. There’s no such thing here as too plain, too fat, too saggy or too old.  


1. A visit to LoveIt’s FITTING ROOM gives you the opportunity to leisurely browse LoveIt’s Ready-To-Wear Collection & Made-To-Order Style & Fabric Libraries & “get fitted” – literally. During your visit, we’ll record all the styles and fabrics you love, in all the perfect sizes for you, and then we’ll email you a copy so you can take advantage of shopping from your couch when LoveIt’s weekly online promotions are released. It’s perfect for women who aren’t quite ready to buy online without trying first. Of course, you can purchase at the FITTING ROOM too!

2. The FITTING ROOM offers a safe shopping environment for women who want to make the right choices. There is NEVER any pressure to make a purchase, and your stylist will help guide your selections so you only buy what makes you look and feel great, and is within your budget. 

3. LoveIt’s FITTING ROOM provides a relaxed & fun space for you to learn what suits you & why. For example, many women over 30 like to cover their upper arms, but don’t realize that the wrong sleeve length can make their stomach, shoulders, and bust look bigger. First-time visitors often experience lots of ah-ha moments. 


For women wanting to browse,  shop &/or “get fitted”, the basic in-store FITTING ROOM service is free with no appointment needed during regular opening hours. Over and above the basic fitting service, tailored styling packages are also offered for women who want to immerse themselves in richer detail so they can shop anywhere with confidence. There are also packages available for women who are experiencing specific life changes and would like access to a much greater level of 1-1 advice. These include:

  • women in business who want/need to dress for presentations/ interviews / high profile / senior roles
  • new mums who don’t easily regain their pre-pregnancy shape/weight
  • women with menopausal symptoms including tummy bloat
  • women who have/are suffering from illness
  • women who are experiencing significant emotional trauma eg: divorce or job loss
  • women who are experiencing significant emotional issues with their weight
  • women who are looking for love again and want to dress for LOVE



The LoveIt size range is based on European Sizing. In the FITTING ROOM and online you will find sizes 34 – 48 (US 2 – 18/UK 6-16), however, LoveIt’s Made-to-Order service can easily accommodate women outside of the published size range. The LoveIt style library contains over 450 different styles that cater to different women’s shapes, size and lifestyle needs. Many women find that they are actually a smaller size when they are wearing a style that is designed for the exact position of their curves. All the more reason to visit the FITTING ROOM and get professionally fitted.

All LoveIt garments are made from the highest quality, luxurious fabrics that feel delicious on the skin & with our easy care, wash & wear mantra, they require no ironing, are suitcase friendly & ready to go when you are! LoveIt’s fabric library contains hundreds of different options & includes cotton knit jerseys and bamboo knit jersey so women looking for breathable natural fibers are well covered. Our fabric color palette is developed with mix and match options in mind  – so buying separates that mix and match with what’s already in your closet is a breeze! 


LoveIt’s MADE-to-Order service is designed to give you EXACTLY what you want so that you never have to ‘settle’ or ‘miss-out’. There are 3 key advantages of using LoveIt’s Made-to-Order service:

1. LoveIt Made-to-Order gives you the opportunity to buy styles that are not immediately available in your size in-store or online. Instead of agonizing over an item you’ve missed out on, you can spend your time daydreaming about how stunning you will look wearing it.

2. LoveIt Made-to-Order allows you to mix and match your favorite styles and fabrics and you can reorder your favorite styles as often as you like. Why have a closet full of clothes that don’t suit you, when you can repeat order the styles that will get you endless compliments?

3. LoveIt Made-to-Order gives you the opportunity to customize some critical aspects of design. For example, you can choose sleeve lengths and also have the overall length adjusted to suit your specific needs. There will never be a reason for you to feel that there’s something ‘not-quite-right’ because your choices will fit you perfectly so your confidence will soar!

There is no additional cost for items purchased using LoveIt’s Made-to-Order Service and most LoveIt promotions are inclusive of this service so it’s definitely worth the 3-week wait to get exactly what your heart desires. If you have special requirements for special occasions we recommend you visit the FITTING ROOM well in advance so you can enjoy complete peace of mind. 


The FITTING ROOM by LoveIt is designed to showcase a broad range of styles, fabrics, and sizes in the LoveIt collection. We receive new arrivals that are available for immediate purchase on a daily basis so there is always something new to start dreaming about. Many new styles are SOLD OUT before they go online so it’s worth visiting regularly if you want to be one of the first to OWN it!


If you’re a woman over 30 with a strong desire to look naturally fabulous without spending 5 hours in front of the mirror each day, and without needing to have a large closet full of clothes, diet or go to the gym, LoveIt’s FITTING ROOM experience is for you. Why wait another day to look and feel great? But don’t just take our word for it – explore the feedback of women who’ve already been.


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